Here at Swann Timber we build the highest quality Bird Rooms to your specifications 

We have build Bird Rooms for Britain's leading fanciers and have many years of experience.

Our frame work consists of 38 x 78mm timber for all our sheds and 16mm treated ship lap is used as a standard.

The floor is constructed of plywood and therefore provides a ideal base for tiling and many other types of floor commonly used in a Bird Room.

The roof is also made from plywood and we use the highest quality heavy duty shed felt.

Windows and doors will be placed in your chosen location

After delivery we will erect the Bird Room on site providing you have a flat level base and good access.

Our Bird Rooms are available in a variety of colours ( please inquire).

We can also provide plywood so you can board the inside of your Bird Room as well as insulation material to keep the worst of the cold in the winter.

Please note that we only build the Bird Room structure. Apart from providing plywood for the boarding process we do not provide any further service in regard to the Bird Rooms interior

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